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This listing is for Union stencils. They are tried and true oracle 631 adhesive vinyl, which is what I use for all paint and stain stencil projects. 

For regulation sized Union stencils -

The union is scaled for the "height" of the board at around 13" tall. The stripes end up being longer than scale but it goes unnoticed. 

The unions come as a solid peice, you apply it in the orientation you desire and you can then remove the stars or the background depending on the style you're going with. I do it this way to make them more versatile as well as set your masking boundaries and be able to start your lines properly. 

In my pictures sets I used 2" harbor freight masking tape to achieve the proper line sizing. 

  • For 12x24 stencils the stripes should be .092"
  • For 16x32" stencils the stripes should be 1.23"

Please note-

The stencils are a one time use vinyl product with an adhesive back. They are applied like a decal and removed after use. 

These listing pictures are examples of boards made with the stencils. You do not leave the vinyl on the finished boards.

Let us know abour your query!

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