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This kit is perfect to get into using Starbond CA Glue knot and void filler! 


This kit includes

  • 2oz Brown Medium-Thick
  • 2oz Black Medium-Thick
  • 6oz Aerosol Accelerator



  • PREMIUM CYANOACRYLATE SUPER GLUE - LAB TESTED FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: High performance industrial grade adhesive. CA Glue is used to penetrate narrow slots, bond closely-fitted parts, quick repairs on black surfaces, and for turquoise inlays.
    2 ounce includes: (4) applicator caps, (2) clog-free stopper, and (16) micro-tips for precision.
  • STRONG "ACCENTING" ADHESIVE: ideal for hiding imperfections, filling dark voids, and accenting specific areas in your projects.
  • PROPERTIES: Viscosity: 150 cPs (meaning the thickness of the liquid is similar to that of motor oil). Penetrating abilities of up to 0.006" in size. Bonding time: 30-60 seconds.
  • SUPERIOR SHELF LIFE: When well kept, our product can last several years in a cold environment. Just make sure to store the bottle under 40°F before AND after use to QUALIFY FOR OUR 20 month shelf life warranty. If product does not last, we will replace that bottle free of charge.

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