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This is a BUNDLE of the hole and edge trimmer!!

Get those perfect trimmed back wraps, around the hole now too!

This tool is used to house a utility razor blade (not included), which you use to glide around the hole of your wrapped boards to trim the edges back.

The distance that it trims back is fully adjustable and includes three 1/8" spaces to allow you to decide what works for you up to a 3/8" trim back from the edge of your work piece.

To install a blade- remove one of the assembly bolts and twist the 2 parts of the tool to allow access to the pocketed area for the blade. Simply place your blade between the clear spacers to your desired trim back amount.


Find my Youtube video here on applying a wrap!

Bundle includes 1 Hole and 1 Edge Trimmer

Let us know abour your query!

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